I am committed to publishing a blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When you have a house and dog and a baby and a husband and upcoming projects and emails and social appointments and gym goals–sometimes it’s the only thing you can do to take a moment to yourself.

And I can’t even use all the things I love (maybe not the dog SO much) as excuses. Sometimes I avoid my computer, my thoughts, my keyboard-like the plague. A little music, a little Facebook, a little of anything to not have to face myself.

Like right now, my kid is pulling DVD’s off of the shelf in front of me. I stood up-looked at him and sat back down–ignoring the mess I will inevitably be cleaning and cursing later. I avoid writing like that sometimes. Oh, I see you. But I’m just gonna NOT address that right now and be pissed about it later.

Why is that? Why do we (i assume I’m not alone) run from the things that make us whole? Why is fear such a strong competitor in our lives? What is there to fear or to lose by just showing up? Showing up and doing the damn thing that makes you YOU–I am working that out now.

But, it’s Wednesday and here’s my blog post.

I am committed.

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” ―Peter F. Drucker