Keeping up with the Kardashians

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There are these Kardashian memes going around saying “In a world of Kardashians be a Diana” or a “Lucy” or an “Audrey” with pictures of all of these deceased pillars of fashion and culture, looking glamorous. And I think they’re ridiculous! Usually whatever people choose to adorn their instragram accounts and Facebook pages with never, ever bother me as a true believer in “Live and Let Live” but these crossed over somehow.

First, the use of these particular women. Women who have been immortalized by pop culture for the way they wore dresses and quotes that they may or may not have said. Women whose very essence at the time was deemed rebellious (Lucy married to a Cuban, Marilyn Monroe’s overt sexuality, Diana’s scandals) have become a pissing match with women of a different time, standard and role in the world. As if these woman ALL couldn’t coexist, and on some level don’t exist, inside all women. And if you are more THIS than THAT, you are somehow greater.

And there’s the problem.

There’s the problem with how girls learn to be women in America. Maybe in the World. I don’t know. You CAN’T be what you’re not. You DON’T need to fit into a box of what people deem ‘appropriate’ or ‘right for you’ and above all–you absolutely never have to compare yourself with another woman to feel a) better about yourself or b) bad about yourself.  If you are in fact a “Lucy” or a “Janis” you can indeed be true to that without any other factor. Especially what other girls got going on. If you are around a girlfriend who tells you that she’s “This” and you’re “That”–you get away from that friend. You go take a shower. And you find a friend who wants to LEARN what you are–not dictate your role to affirm her own. (Okay? Okay.)

1) Please society–stop pitting women against each other. And women STOP perpetuating this her vs. her stereotype. This competitive, comparison culture is so damaging. It is breeding insecurity and insecure people do desperate things. There is room for everyone to embrace their own imperfections and unique traits AND those of others. NOT look down their noses at other women for being “other.”  At what point can women get kudos for their own originality without comparing them to another woman? I am a Beaufield. I am going to focus on Beaufield things. And advance my life as a Beaufield.

YOU, are a __________. And you get to fill that in however you choose.

2) While we’re on the Kardashians. People are obsessed with hating them. Turn off your TV.  Get a life.  They don’t care about you or your hatred for them–so why are you wasting your energy in such a negative way? I mean, when it comes down to it the Kardashians have built an EMPIRE on their personalities. Why should that be something we thumb our noses at. Isn’t this the land of Free Enterprise? How many times have you looked at your friends and said “We should have a reality show”?

Like you never watched seventeen episodes in a row…on a sick day. Please.

3) The message is–love yourself, embrace your journey, in a world full of 7 billion people be YOU. Sexy, goofy, classy, drunk–whatever you got, bring it to the table and tell those bitches to Eat Up.