No answers, just questions.

How do you say sane?

How do you stay soft?

Is your softness also strength?

How do you protect your children?

How do you protect yourself?

What do you do to help others?

What do you contribute to your community?

What relationship takes from you more than it gives?

Is it still worth it?

Is your self-reflection an honest one?

How do you handle fear, pain, guilt, anger?

Do you know how to express yourself?

What are you attracting to yourself with your thoughts?

Does your outside behavior reflect your internal thoughts?

Do the people who are important to you, know they are? How do you SHOW this?

Are you grateful?

What’s your prayer at night?

What’s your most common emotion?

What do you want to change?

Does the wide world rock your world?

Whats your favorite word?

What do you stand for?

What do you bring to the table no one else does?

Can you face the future with bravery and kindness?

What values still matter to you and your peers?

How can you survive the day and make it beautiful?