I had this text exchange last night with my best friend, Jill. As you’ll learn I do have a few best friends. All completely different from each other (which is the best) some of them have never even met. AND, after decluttering my friend circle over the past few, growing years, have really earned their place in my life story. But J, (as I call her) has been my road dog for 15 years now! We have so many experiences and can absolutely count on each other for anything. I know I can’t think of one thing I wouldn’t do for her.

Jill, is SO many things. She spent the past few years moving around the country and participating in public service jobs after law school and frequently changing her hair color. She (recently?) “went vegan” and it took me a long time to adjust. Hahaha. We’re from Nebraska! I just didn’t understand. I compared myself to an elderly grandmother who got “veganism” confused with “lesbianism” and was always trying to get her to just “try a steak” because this was “just a phase.”

It wasn’t.

And the day came where I had to understand that my adventurous J, wasn’t going to be diving head first into plates of delicious aged cheeses with me, ever again. It was okay-we still had beer.

Anyway, I get this text from her last night and it REALLY made me so elated that such a beautiful quote would make her think of me. One, which is something I mention in my novel, I felt recognized. I felt like she knows me SO well, that she experiences ME in things outside of myself. Which I feel is important in true friendship. In true relationships. Those sweet moments of, “this is how you occur to me. I have to show you.” That is a terrific feeling. And two, if what reminds her of me is gratitude, endless gratitude-that means that the light I feel inside is illuminating the outside. That I’m not holding back on just how blessed I feel and the truly infinite gratitude I have for the wonderful relationships in my life.

So Wow!!

J, is the kind of person who does just what she wants, says just what she wants, doesn’t lie–I mean, I couldn’t even think of moment she was less than honest–and has no stirring to impress people. She is completely authentic within herself. And really, when a thought gets passed to you from a friend like THAT, it’s unquestionably golden. I think I can say that my dearest, closest friends today-are all that way-so it’s a beautiful thing.

Check out Jill’s book blog!




1 thought on “Friendship-J”

  1. Bah ha ha! Worded perfectly. It’s a crazy feeling when you find an authentic friend (as you’ve described J). It’s like you know right then and there that you both will forever be connected. And, no matter how much time passed or miles seperate you, they’re your tribe. When I meet someone, I almost get possessive (of course, in a loving way) — I picture myself branding them and saying “you’re mine, I’ll share you woth the world, but you’re mine” and they get put into my heart box where I keep those who I strip down naked and bare my soul to.

    As I get wiser in life, I realize the law of attraction is a steong force. The world needs more people to be genuine and authentic. Unfortunately, since we’re in a society that aims to impress, we don’t get it as often as we should. I believe we can change the world by doing what you do; letting our light shine and teaching that baby boy of yours to always let his light shine fiercely. So many wish to shine, want to shine, but have forgotten how or they never shined in the first place.

    Cheers to friends you call family and soul mates that know you pee while brushing your teeth. 😉

    A “vegan cookbook”, I literally laughed out loud. That is how life works!


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