Sayonara 2015

It is December 30th!!

Woo Hoo! Thank you universe for another year in the books. I always try to remain aware that there are many people who won’t have the opportunity to see 2016, and be grateful for making it. Right now we’re setting up for a last minute party we’re having for family and friends. Mardi Gras themed, just because I have a lot of those kind of decorations.

I suppose at the end of the year I’m supposed to be ‘reflecting’–I mean, that’s kind of what you do as you usher in a new year. But right now, in this moment. I totally don’t feel like reflecting. 2015, was full of ups and downs and personal come to Jesus moments and I’m grateful for it and grateful to have it be ending.

I WILL say that  I do have goals for this new year. The most major one is to become goal oriented. Take them as seriously as vows and hit every one of them out of the park. I look forward to watching my baby get bigger, my husband (and me) get smaller and really playing BIG in my life. Not sitting in the stands, but getting out there in the game and living courageously into the life I’m supposed to have. The life the Universe wants me to have and the divine purpose I am here to fulfill.

I know, that sounds like a lot to tackle in a year! But, the difference between this year and all the 31 others behind me now, is that I am ready. I am seeking truth and asking to fulfill my purpose. I wasn’t capable of living into that any year before this one, because that is the way it is. I have been a student, and now I’m ready to apply the lessons into life.

What are your goals for 2016?

What is your divine purpose? Are you living into it? In the game or in the stands? How can you live life more courageously?

Happy New Year!

Be safe and well.


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