We are snowed in.

This, for most people, inspires joy and the cozy comfort of winter break. Lax work schedules and no school. However, it is NOT good for me. I feel cramped, lethargic, restless–true cabin fever. When I lived in the mountains it was great–because it was time to hit the slopes and make some mountain magic. Winter is very different in Nebraska vs Colorado.

Nebraska is very…flat.

I have about a 24 hour time limit of lazing around, watching TV and being “cozy” before I absolutely snap and turn into a rude bitch. I went out and shoveled everything today! Just to get out! So I’m being proactive. Making list after list of goal and guideline for the next month. Writing and meditating and really get 2016 off to a kick ass start. I’m taking time to play with the little one, be affectionate with my hubby, and realign my heart to it’s true north.

So I guess it’s not THAT bad after all. Glad we had this talk.

BTW, Christmas was wonderful.

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