Christmas Mush

Tonight a full three days BEFORE Christmas Rob and I went a little instant gratification and exchanged gifts. It was very fun and very unexpected.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. I told him to take me to Cheddars. Hahahahaha.

I adore this man. I love his face, his body, his attitude, his laugh. I get a lot of pleasure showing him something I think he’ll like-and he does. Or surprising him with little things-like cleaning on my own. Or when he says something and I’m just like “you get me”  because outwardly we are so different. Polar opposites.

Today he said something that melted my heart. And truth be told, I am not a romantic, mushy, gooey eyed chump, okay? But I have had terrible luck with relationships. Multiple run ins with domestic violence and harassment–so I freaking earned this relationship. Hahaha. It is so amazing to be with someone who lets me be my BEST self.

And I’m SO not there yet, but he gives me the space and opportunity. Without any of the drama, soul sucking restrictions of those in the past.

So anyway-we were watching some trash on TV-I don’t actually remember how this came up at all but I said something like, “I could never be with someone like that. I’d like it, then be annoyed. I need someone like you.” And he goes:

“I’ve been trying to drop you hints for a long time that I am the perfect man for you. And there is no other man, for you, that you can deal with on this planet. It’s just me.”

My little heart just split in two. Into a pile of glittery pink cotton candy with a smile made out of love.

I have to add this disclaimer, now that my mush has come to an end:

If you don’t know if you should stay with someone or leave them. If you’re on the fence but you don’t know how to do it. Or your scared of being alone. –No, F that. LEAVE. Leave yesterday. Don’t waste the precious minutes of your life with someone who doesn’t see, love and cherish you just as you are today.


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