La Tortuga

We just got back from a working vacation in Florida.

Despite all of the crazy things you hear about people in Florida, and the weird ass new stories that come out of that place. It is beautiful and tropical and I didn’t personally encounter any cannibals, that I know of.

My husband was in a conference so it was just me and Shine for the majority of the five days we were there and it was incredible. I love spending time with our little guy and exposing him to a bigger world, a wider picture is of the utmost importance to me, regardless of whether he has a long term memory of it or not.

I will never forget the first time he saw the ocean and his eyes grew wide and his little finger outstretched to it, wondering where the hell we were.

Or sand getting stuck on his hand and him crying and trying to wipe it off on me.

His face when we’re in the swimming pool and he jumps from the ledge into my arms.

I don’t know if these memories are for me or for him. Maybe selfishly, they are for me. But watching the beginnings of a human becoming who they will be, is the most surreal experience of my life. More surreal than the first time I saw the ocean.

The Loggerhead MarineLife Center in Juno Beach, Florida. And Jax, the Leatherback.

The best thing- and a highlight of my life as a whole:

I wanted to take the time to see some sea turtles and found this wonderful Marine Life Center, who rescues and rehabilitates the turtles. It reminded me of when I was a child and my great-grandfather would take us on long drives (usually to the air Force Base, as he was a vet). We, (my brother and I) would say:

“Where are we going?” and he would always say, “To see the turtle take the water.”

A saying I repeated to Shine over and over that morning, thinking about my Grandpop and how everlasting love must be a thing because through me I know Grandpop and Shine hold a special connection. I am the vessel of love from which my past on loved ones, love my son. (Does that make sense?) Anyway, we go and see the rescue turtles and then make our way over to the nearby beach where we walk the shoreline for a little and dig around in the sand. As we’re leaving we see the rescue team coming over the dunes with two turtles that they are relaeasing back into the Ocean right then.

I was completely emotional, tearing up. To me, that whole connection was a full circle experience. I FINALLY got to see the turtles take the water with my own son. I seriously felt a magical and spiritual connection to the Agape love felt between me and my beloved Grandpop and now my boy.

Shine Avett on the move. The airport. The hotel. The pathway.

In short-I was freaking stoked on life.



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